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Healing. Renewing. Empowering.


“Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became a joy to me and the delight of my heart...”

- Jeremiah 15:16

Empowered to Share the Good News

    A unique and freeing look into the call to evangelize

     My purpose in this teaching is to free you from the awkwardness and unnatural expectations that may have been placed upon you by wrong teaching about Evangelism. My desire is to impart to you a fresh and new way of looking at Evangelism and seeing your unique position in sharing the Gospel of hope to the world Jesus walked along the highways and byways and as He walked, He shared about His Father’s Kingdom. Everywhere He went He was confronted with one unique situation after another. His response and wisdom were always based on His relationship with God. He didn’t have a formula. He didn’t answer or treat everyone the same. He looked up to His Heavenly Father for wisdom, then looked down deep into the hearts of men and gave them the answer to set them free.

NOTE: This unique teaching was used in the curriculum of the Foursquare International New England Bible Institute.


A Look Behind The Scenes

Empowered to Share the Good News

     When I first moved to New England, I went to the bank to apply for a credit card for my ministry, which was called Treasures from the Heart at that time. When I got to the bank, I proceeded to go to one of those ‘cubicles’ where someone could help me. The woman behind the desk was a nice lady and very helpful. She explained my options in getting a credit card and gave me all the papers I needed to fill out. In the line marked business, I put my ministry name: Treasures from the Heart. I filled out all the necessary information and handed her back the papers. After she looked them over, she turned to me and asked very pointedly, “What kind of business is Treasures from the Heart?” I told her it wasn’t really a business but a ministry and told her a little bit about it. As I was talking, I noticed her countenance begin to fall, her shoulders slumped slightly, and her eyes seemed sad. After I finished, she said, “Oh! What you do is so much more important than what I do.” I immediately sat up straight and leaning forward, I said with a firm voice, “Oh! That’s not true. What you do is so important. God has gifted you to be able to do this, to work in this bank. In fact, if you didn’t do what you do, you couldn’t help me.”

     All of a sudden, right before my eyes, I actually saw her countenance brighten, her shoulders straighten up, and her eyes twinkle. Suddenly, she exclaimed in an excited voice, “I feel like I have just been promoted!”

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